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"The word" absorbed at many levels; emblazened on my "heart and mind"?

“For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel. After those days,” says ADONAI; “I will put my Torah (teachings and instructions) into their mind, I will also write them on their heart. I will be their ELOHIM, and they will be my people.
(Hebrews 8:10 HNV-yet) [from (Jeremiah 31:33)]

Freely Available (donations encouraged) Hebraic mindset mp3 audio files of the Torah Portions, daily segments IN ENGLISH with Hebrew Letter Music and Hebrew Voice in the background (optionally available with no background).

Audio Scriptures are NOT JUST FOR THE BLIND - - -

Imagine the value of scriptures being fed to us from 3 or 4 different directions.

First by hearing the text of the Portions in English,
by hearing the Hebrew from the Tanak of the Portion in the background,
by hearing the Portion Hebrew Letters played as background music to the Portions.
A triple Whammy.

If you also would be reading the Portion text from the .htm web file (or another translation, if preferred), (and we suggest so to keep interest high) then you would be reading the text while sometimes getting the Hebrew (Paleo) text in the background.
Another double Whammy.

Also, Music tuned to make the note "C" at the healing frequency of 528hz! (and other healing frequencies)

Here the entire portions are put together (so you don't need to hunt the parts down individually).

(Daily Prophets/Writings audio files (to complete the Scriptures) and esword files also available).

They are PUBLIC DOMAIN and thusly free. Based on the (Messianic) Hebrew Names Version of the World English Bible. (Torah reading plan based on the calender used at STBM congregation - basic Jewish Rabbinic but with variations, omer readings & Shavuot, and entire NT split up to cover the entire year).

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Weekly AUDIO Torah Portions (in Daily Segments) - with hefty Brit Chadasha (New Testament in a year) portions. Also imbedded Appointed Feast Days.

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See HEBREW-ENGLISH AUDIO INTERLINEAR portions (HEBREW LANGUAGE AUDIO w English background) versions in right column of this page.

See versions WITHOUT BACKGROUNDS in right column of this page.

(OPTIONAL) Remainder of the Bible (in Daily Segments) - with a Psalm and Proverb each day.


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HNV-yet is based on the HNV, a public domain draft version of the World English Bible: Messianic Edition - (HNV-yet has Names of Most High restored and Headings added by D C B). Please see World English Bible dot org for more information.

Background Music uses_ actual Tanak Scripture Hebrew letters as notes; (Background Hebrew Letter Music from freely available Brit Chadasha, NT in Hebrew by Franz Delitzsch;) - orchestrations, effects, copyright 2011 by Dan Blana.

Hebrew Vocal background audio: permission from Snunit Kodesh site, Audio Scriptures International, United Bible Society, ©1976; Renewed Covenant Hebrew vocal by Saffa software.

Some Elements from Copyright © 2011 Michael J. Radwin, licensed under a Creative Commons License. (which is Permission to Share, - to copy, distribute and transmit the work, or to Remix, to adapt the work.)

Some Elements: Copyright © 2011 Simchat Torah Beit Midrash.®. P.O. Box 4810, Parker, Colorado 80134. Used with permission.

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Content accessed from this page is FREE!!

Please consider helping
with the hours of weekly work
to maintain these files. $10 per year suggested
(on your honor).
Any amount accepted. PRESS DONATE.

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