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QUESTION: Keilwerth saxophones | Robert Haley | 07/04/00 |
What are your general/specific impressions of the Keilwerth saxophones in comparision with the the Selmer, Yamaha and others?

                     ANSWER Re: Keilwerth saxophones | Guest | 07/15/00 |
I changed from a selmer S80 MkII to a keilwerth SX90R 2 years ago (tenor) and have been extremely pleased with the keilwerth horn. Big full sound, with excellent low register response and incredibly free blowing vs the Selmer. A great saxophone. In black nickel looks great as well.

                                  ANOTHER ANSWER Re: Re: Keilwerth saxophones | Pat Belliveau | 07/28/00 |
I sold my 1954 MK VI tenor for my SX90R....I'm THAT convinced about them. 
                      Pat Belliveau 


QUESTION: selmer balanced actions vs. keilwerth | Devin | 07/20/00 | 
hello everyone. everyone seems to believe that the keilwerth is the best made new horn. how do you all think the sound is in comparison to selmer balanced actions circa 1930's and selmer super balanced actions? better? worse? and how about the response? is the "feel" better? does anyone have any thoughts, opions, comments? insults? anything? thanks a bunch,                       devin

                 ANSWER Re: selmer balanced actions vs. keilwerth | Jaime | 07/21/00 |
The Keilwerth and the BA are both great horns. They work well for classical and jazz playing. Each one has a slightly different sound. I don't really know much about the SBA firsthand, but they've been used (and are still being used) by some of the best jazzers out there. Some people prefer vintage, some prefer new. Both can work really well. The only way to find out which one you like better is to try them yourself.

                     Re: Keilwerth saxophones | Sarah Walthall | 07/09/00 |
I love my Keilwerth alto sax (sx90). The response is very good...especially in the lower registers. Unfortunately, I have to sell it because my hands are too small to play it.

                               Re: Keilwerth saxophones | Dan C Blana | 07/09/00 |
I recently attended a sax clinic held at Rockley's in Denver by Nick Brignola, a famous jazz baritone sax player.  At this clinic Nick said that he used to be the spokesman for Yamaha but that he switched to be a spokesman for Keilwerth because, he said, they are the best. He emphasized that he wasn't just saying that because he was getting paid by them but that it was the truth. He demo-ed them and they really sound good!! I also tried a Keilwerth alto and tenor and they are really smoooooth!!!

                               Re: Keilwerth saxophones | Pat Belliveau | 07/06/00 |
I have to admit.....I agree that the Keilwerth horns are the best on the market. I am fortunate to now be in a position to be endorsing Keilwerth horns and I DO believe they are "world-class". The first Keilwerth horn I tried was a tenor (SX90R)and I gladly sold my 1954 Selmer Mark VI to one of my students and snagged 2 Keilwerth tenors and I have had ZERO "buyer remorse" since. I'll NEVER need to look for a new horn ever again.....but don't take my word for it, try one yourself.

                      Regards, Pat Belliveau

                               Re: Keilwerth saxophones | Jaime Khublal | 07/05/00 |
In my opinion, the Keilwerth SX90R is the best modern horn available. It has a huge sound that's great for classical or jazz playing. It works well with large chamber mouthpieces (even the Buescher mpc, which usually doesn't agree with anything other than a Buescher). The people I know who own Keilwerths say that they require a little bit of intonation work & adjustment, but it's not very expensive. The Selmers are way too thin-sounding for me (especially the Seires III), and they also feel awkward. The Yamaha 62 alto is a pretty good
horn, but the high register sounds a little thin. If I had to get another horn, it would be a gold plated SX90R. (No, I don't work for Keilwerth!)

                               Re: Keilwerth saxophones | john dikeman | 07/04/00 |
I play a Keilwerth SX90R black nickle Tenor myself and personal I feel it is far and away the best new made horn. My true preferance are vintage Conn's but the last one I had was just too hard to keep in shape.
Keithwerths have the biggest sound with the most depth and character of any of the new horns, imho. Also, built VERY strong, great ease in all registers, response is good, yeah, I really love them. They have a kind of unusual feel, but once you get used to it, assuming you do i supose, it's really great.

   The above are from Classic Saxophone - Online Info Exchange -(CLICK the following and type "keilwerth" [no quotes] in the keyword window for MORE  discussion on Keilwerth) http://www.classicsax.com/forums/index.cfm?fuseaction=searchdb

        More to come. about Keilwerth......



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