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Web Sites

1 www.alternativemedicine.com
Published by Burton Goldberg, a well-known authority, who publishes a magazine by the same name. Contains articles on alternative medical treatments. Outstanding

2 www.hacres.com
Published by the wife of Reverend George Malkmus. He was healed of cancer through nutrition and prayer. Contains lots of diet information, full of biblical support for a vegetarian diet, has a free email nutrition newsletter, has a Health Minister’s Program, wife has a terrific cookbook “Hallelujah Acres”. Outstanding

3 www.tldp.com
Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, published by ____. It contains great articles on developments. Excellent

4 www.cancerdecisions.com, www.ralphmoss.com
Published by Ralph Moss, a scientific writer previously with Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Contains strong arguments against traditional therapies, free email newsletter, has a service for advice on specific types of cancer. Excellent

5 www.drday.com
Published by Dr. Lorraine Day M.D., prior Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital. Contains Dr. Day’s testimony on beating breast cancer nutritionally, substantial recommendations on nutrition and health alternatives, source of excellent videos, strong Christian basis. Outstanding

6 DrWhitaker.com
Published by Dr Julian Whitaker M.D. Contains general nutritional information, articles on specific subjects. Recommends the best of conventional medicine combined with the most powerful alternative approaches. Very good

7 www.gerson.org
Published by The Gerson Institute. DR Gerson treated many types of patients, including Albert Schweitzer (diabetes) and his wife (TB), until his death in 1959. Contains detailed info on his program, testimonies, questions on different illnesses, free weekly email letter, etc. Excellent

8 www.centurywellness.com
Published by century Wellness Clinic in Reno, Nevada. Contains description of clinic and their philosophy, Nevada is supportive of alternative treatments, excellent testimonies (many of lyme disease and MS). Excellent

9 www.oasisofhope.com
Published by Dr. Francisco Contraras M.D. of Oasis of Hope in San Diego. Contains description of clinic and their philosophy, strong Christian program, emphasis on nutrition and body cleansing as well as some traditional medical therapies, well-respected ministry and health center. Excellent

10 www.healthquarters.com
Published by Dave Frahm whose wife beat cancer nutritionally after being given up by doctors. Contains information on his Health Quarters Center west of Colorado Springs, he has excellent books on nutrition and treatments. Excellent

11 www.stopcancer.com
Published by Wayne Graham, who was healed of cancer nutritionally. Contains articles on new medical treatments, writer’s personal cancer protocol, sources of products, Christian influence, holistic library. Interesting

12 www.drcolbert.com
Published by Dr Colbert, author of various health books including The Bible Cure for Cancer, a frequent speaker on Christian TV stations. Contains info on his services, some articles, etc. Excellent (per Dan Blana)

13 www.wellbeingjournal.com
Published by _____. Contains articles on Health issues, published a special issue devoted to cancer in 2000. Good

14 www.stopgettingsick.com
Published by _____. Contains many health articles on different illnesses. Not a lot on alternative treatments. Good

15 www.cancermed.com, www.burzynskiclinic.com
Published by Dr. Burzynski M.D. PhD in Biochemistry. Contains information on his cancer center in Houston, TX, he treats a lot of patients with brain cancer. Has had a major battle with the traditional cancer establishment. Interesting

16 www.living-foods.com/marketplace
Published by _____. Contains excellent information on health product equipments, including evaluations of different kinds and brands of juicers. Great

17 www.herbalhealer.com
Published by Academy, Inc., Marijah McCain. Contains information on herbal products, especially Essiac, a well-known herbal tea that has brought healing to many cancer patients. Interesting

18 Used to be able to CLICK HERE to go to Mann'atech site.
Company has CENSORED us! Used to be Outstanding

19 www.lifestyleforhealth.com
Health freedom is the foundational focus of LifeStyle For Health. Through our books, tapes and educational seminars,
it is our desire to give you the tools you need to restore your body to the fullness of health that God originally intended for
you. Great (per Dan Blana)

20 CLICK HERE to read latest Hormone Studies
Dr. Helen Pensanti M.D. with the Latest Natural Hormone Therapy Info! Dr. Pensanti says that Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT) increases the risk of breast cancer by 40% (more in women with a family history). Doctor Pensanti says that reports in the Journal of the American Medical Association and in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute now show that each year a woman takes HRT, her breast cancer risk rises even further by an additional 8-9% per year above the 40%!
Latest Hormone Studies & News Bulletins:
Top 10 Reasons to get off Synthetic Hormones and Switch to Natural Hormones.
Study Links Estrogen Use to Risk of Ovarian Cancer. - Progesterone and Men. - Prostate Cancer Research. - Hormones and Your Heart. - Eliminating Hot Flashes. - Prevention Magazine Article About Wild Yam.
NHLBI Stops Trial of Estrogen Plus Progestin Due to Increased Breast Cancer Risk, Lack of Overall Benefit.
JAMA Study: Hormone Replacement Therapy in Relation to Breast Cancer Increased by 60% to 85% in recent long-term users of HRT.
(per Dan Blana)

Compiled courtesy of Bill Suhonen, minor editions/additions by Dan Blana.

Updated January 03, 2004

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Ezekiel 37:19 JPS
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